Ahyush – Caring for a
Company's Most Important Asset - Employees!

'Ahyush' means longevity in Sanskrit. True to its meaning, Ahyush is where you can redefine your state of wellness thereby enhancing quality of life and adding value to it! At Ahyush, we bring about a culture that focuses on positive health outcomes through assessment, awareness, motivation, intervention and mitigation.

The Ahyush Journey for Employees

The Ahyush journey kickstarts with the health assessment and is routed to move on a wellness trial that helps in achieving optimal health. We offer a customized journey that focuses on individual risk specific goals based on activities that help in overcoming health risks. The efforts are assessed and duly rewarded, making it an exciting offering.

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The Ahyush Journey for Employers

The Organization gains immensely with Ahyush's wellness package. It offers a bird's eye view of the entire population thereby making workforce wellness management easy and effective. The Ahyush journey for the employer focuses on creating an enviornment that is both health aware and motivated.

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What Ahyush Offers

How Can Ahyush Wellness Make a Difference?

Health Assessment

Awareness is the first step to a healthy life.

Personalized Wellness Solution

We understand that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution in the wellness stream.

User Engagement

We keep your employees at it always, by offering the right info at the right time!

Perquisites & Incentives

Everyone needs a recognition for positive behavior every once in a while! Our rewards module allows that!

Reports & Insights

Our constant monitoring and health insights helps you understand your stance healthwise.

Why Ahyush

What Makes Ahyush the Go-To Place for Wellness?
Simply put, we are your Employee Motivation Experts!

  • An efficient digital wellness management platform
  • A personalized plan to manage quality of life
  • Unique personalized health assessment methodology designed by World Renowned Hospital based research institute
  • User Experience that engages the user
Why Ahyush

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